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Best tools & Online Courses to do business with China

If you ever thought
of starting your own business and including the Asian Market, you probably find
yourself asking questions that no one seems to have the answers to. OlingoCo
will help you develop the tools you need to understand the Asian market better.
We will help you to take the necessary steps to start. 

Unsure how to start?

How do I start buying from China?

You want to start a new business project and your goal is to do it with Asia, specifically China? You’re not sure how to find the right supplier, or how to develop your brand the way you want it, or create a budget for it? Above all, you want to be sure that you are taking the right steps to build your business the correct way.

 It doesn’t matter if you want to create a clothing brand, a line of mobile accessories or your first electronic device. Here at OlingoCo, we have experience in different industries, and we want to share our knowledge with you.

Why choose OlingoCo?

Learn from Experience

The founder of Laura Cortes Design has had a wide range experience with different products, brands and industries in China since September 2009. This includes everything from Hello Kitty toys to Boy London clothing lines!

At your own Speed

OlingoCo is the best way to learn from an expert and do it at your desired speed. You have control over when you want, where with all of our courses available on-demand 24/7!

Specific to your industry

You can get lost in the sea of information online, and it is hard to know what you should be paying attention too. Our courses help answer your questions about doing business with China so that when we teach them their specific needs will help focus on how best for YOU!

Learn to source products from China like a Pro!
30% of New Businesses fail because they don't have the right product. If you understand how important it is to know exactly how to find the right supplier, you will avoid mistakes and losses. This Course will help you just with that.
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Import from China in 5 Easy Steps
If you are planning to import from China, it is because you want to start selling either on your website, shop, Amazon, or do Dropshipping. Knowing the Importing process is essential to reduce your cost and have a direct benefit in your profit!
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“Over a decade of experience in business and coaching, knowledge of the language, and the Chinese culture, I have been helping multiple entrepreneurs turn their product ideas into reality. People from different countries have already benefited from me”

Laura Cortes

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