Care Label Clothing

Care Label for Apparels: What you need to know

Care labels are also a key consideration when buyers browse for clothes. Although some customers opt for the ease of dry cleaning, others favor the simplicity of washable apparel. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the Care Labeling Regulations, which enable suppliers and dealers to […]

Vietnam, the rising star of apparel manufacture

Emerging as a new contender, the Vietnam garment production industry is a significant part of the world’s economy and an energizing prospect for both neighboring and overseas companies. It recently became the third-largest textile and apparel exporter after China and Bangladesh. But it has the fastest-growing production of […]

Apparel Manufacturer: testing & certification

Expedited fashion cycles in the clothing and home textiles industry create an urgent need to produce high-quality products compliant with prescribed standards quickly. As textiles companies are expanding into new global markets, and most other countries are also developing their clothing regulations and standards, they face an […]

Top Smartphone Accessories 2021

Smartphones are an indispensable part of one’s life, and give a glimpse into their style quotient. We not only want our smartphones to look elegant, but also use it to enhance our productivity and enable efficient usage. Smartphone accessories are in the need of the […]