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Olingoco’s business blog focus on topics connected to learn to do business with Asia, more specifically, China. We regularly publish blog posts on related issues such as sourcing products, contract negotiations, supplier management, eCommerce business, logistics, we focus on problem-solving, business strategies, and Asia procurement. The focus of Olingoco is on China as predicted to continue to be the biggest and most influential country in the area. Our goal is to teach you and provide you with practical information based on our experience in business development, you can learn to do business with Asia. If you want to learn more about our business courses or you need a one-on-one session you can check out our Courses Page and our Coaching page.

title of article called doing business with china 2022
Business Management


Despite the geopolitical tensions and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, China still rules the roost as an attractive investment destination. So much so that it overtook the US to be the largest foreign direct investment in 2020. China’s FDI is expected to increase by 10.8% every

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article about Chinese new year
Business Management

Be ready for Factories Closing, Chinese New Year 2022

The Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, throws the factories and the manufacturing units for a loop. Unlike any holidays across Europe, Australia, or North America, the Chinese New Year slows down the business quite a bit. However, unless you have planned for the

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How to reach out to chinese customers Article

How to reach out to Chinese Customers?

With approximately 989 million internet users in China by 2020, digital marketing is more effective than ever at reaching Chinese consumers. Chinese eCommerce platforms gain traction and enable foreign brands and businesses to sell directly to Chinese consumers. This is an extraordinarily profitable and positive

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Chinese Customer Journey Digital Marketing

Customer Journey for Chinese Customers

Conducting consumer research in China is critical due to the unique characteristics of Chinese customers. Suppose you want to manage your product or service successfully. In that case, you must collect and understand consumer insights to identify and target your customers and adapt your product

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what products sell to china article

Top 5 Products to Offer to the Chinese Market

Tmall is China’s largest eCommerce platform, offering virtually any goods imaginable. Tmall Global, the cross-border variant, is also extremely popular with firms looking to ship straight from overseas or bonded warehouses within China. Foreign organizations frequently inquire about the products in demand on various Chinese

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