How to reach out to chinese customers Article

How to reach out to Chinese Customers?

With approximately 989 million internet users in China by 2020, digital marketing is more effective than ever at reaching Chinese consumers. Chinese eCommerce platforms gain traction and enable foreign brands and businesses to sell directly to Chinese consumers. This is an extraordinarily profitable and positive […]

Questions and Answers Google Ads.

FAQ about Google Ads

Digital marketing is a very important tool in today’s world. Google is one of the topmost platforms to get your message across, primarily due to its huge reach across the globe. Google Ads bring excellent results. They operate under a Pay per Click (PPC) model, […]

safe and secure paymnets

Be Safe, How To Pay Chinese Suppliers?

Paypal, Letter of Credit, or International Wire Transfer – Wondering about the safest methods of making international payments? If this question is hindering your path while dealing with the Chinese manufacturers, then fret not and scroll down the page to know about the different payment […]

importance of the entrepreneurs

Africa & the importance of the entrepreneurs

Resilient and food-secure landscapes are build by entrepreneurs to make a difference in their business. The entrepreneurs are helping people in troubled times by adapting to the new markets. The devastating impact is created among the farmers and people in the city during the covid-19 […]

Olingoco Contracts

Ex-Works, FOB, CIF or DDP: Which one to choose?

Incoterms are a compilation of laws used in global commerce. They are fundamentally 3-letter words that describe who is responsible for conveyance expenses and complications. EXW, FOB, and CIF are the most standard terms you’ll encounter if you are researching for tools to do business with China. All such terminology […]