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Despite the geopolitical tensions and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, China still rules the roost as an attractive investment destination. So much so that it overtook the US to be the largest foreign direct investment in 2020. China’s FDI is expected to increase by 10.8% every […]

How To Know What Supplier To Choose?

If you decide to venture into eCommerce, there are some things you have to be very particular about. Your primary concern should be to identify a reliable and ethical supplier. China has become famous in the world today as one of the largest manufacturers and […]

5 Alibaba Alternatives You Didn’t Know

Finding a reliable trade partner is the key to running a successful eCommerce store. That’s why many eCommerce sellers, including small and medium-sized sellers, instantly switch to Alibaba. While Alibaba is an outstanding B2B marketplace- there are also other sites with tons of suppliers who […]

Top Fabrics Manufactured in China

Chinese cotton and silk have been famous since the times of the Silk Route. Today, China is the leading manufacturer and exporter of textiles in the world. In 2019, China’s export value of fabrics was close to 120 billion USD. It has managed to capture […]

Jakarta, Strong Fashion Player

Indonesia is one of the 10 largest garment manufacturing countries in the world. Indonesian apparel and textile industry are worth almost 17 billion USD. Over 60% of the manufactured clothing is exported, and many global labels have their manufacturing base in Indonesia. International brands like […]

Global Sourcing, strategy to grow your business

A practice whereby products and services are procured across geographical and political boundaries to increase their efficiency is known as global sourcing. Cost efficiency is sought in labor, raw materials and taxes, and tariffs. Many multinational companies across the globe implement the practice of global […]

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Alibaba, Why Is Still Relevant to Use It?

One of the world’s most popular online shopping sites in the virtual world of e-commerce is undoubtedly Alibaba. Its transactions have in recent years outdone the business of those that are also very popular. Alibaba, established in China way back in 1999 by its founder […]