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Sourcing products from China!

Laura Cortes Founder of OlingoCo

Your ultimate Sourcing Course to find Chinese Products.

How to Find Reliable Chinese Suppliers?

If you understand the HUGE importance of a sourcing strategy to grow your business, but you feel frustrated because you are not sure how to identify the right supplier or the right product!

This is the most important course for you.

Let Me Explain

You have heard the stories of people buying things in China and getting scams. They got the wrong product, the wrong material, quantity or the product didn’t arrive. This course is unlike any other video course out there or YouTube tutorials: I will not only focus on teaching you to use the best sourcing platforms, and I will teach you how to analyze the information you get. In OlingoCo we focus on you learning business with China and help you empower your business ideas. If you still have more questions, you can get a private coaching session, where you will be able to talk to an expert and ask all those questions that no one seems to answer.

Why is this course important to you?

This course comes in 6 Modules. From Model 1 to Module 3, I will teach you:

From Model 4 to 5, you will learn what 99% of people on youtube or other courses tips.

I will provide you with a workbook, and you will implement what this course is all about. You will gather the information and analyze it to select the right product and right supplier.

I’ll guide you through WHY, and not only about HOW to use the sourcing platforms. It is about what to do with that information.

Stop paying Sourcing Agents!

If you’re looking for a way to find that right product or that right supplier, this is the course you need!

By completing this online business course, you will understand how to source like a Pro!

What Students Say About Your Coach

“Over a decade of experience in business and coaching, knowledge of the language, and the Chinese culture, I have been helping multiple entrepreneurs turn their product ideas into reality. People from different countries have already benefited from me”

Laura Cortes



If you are looking to start your own clothing brand, telephone accessories, electronics, or shoe brand, and you are not sure how to start contacting providers for the first time, then this course is definitely for you.

Purchase Managers

Properly choosing a supplier is not something that is just left to chance. You must be able to use the right tools for selecting suppliers or products.

Sourcing Agency

This is the course you need for your collaborators, so they can train for free and help you grow your business.

What to Expect?

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55 USD

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