The biggest struggle of an entrepreneur is to find a reliable supplier!
This free course will end your fear of getting the wrong product! You will learn what platforms to use, what questions to ask, what mistakes not to make, and how to communicate effectively with Chinese manufactures.

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Module 1 A. Welcome!
Unit 1 Welcome!
Unit 2 Introduction
Module 2 Why to source in China
Unit 1 Undertanding China's Industry:
Unit 2 Introduction to Sourcing Platforms
Module 3 Sourcing Platforms
Unit 1 Alibaba
Unit 2 GlobalSources
Unit 3 Made in China
Unit 4 HKTDC
Module 4 Find a Product: Practice!
Unit 1 WorkBook Introduction
Unit 2 Supplier Analysis
Unit 3 Supplier Selection
Module 5 Bonus
Unit 1 Top 5 Mistakes to avoid when Sourcing
Module 6 Next Steps
Unit 1 Future of Sourcing