Start your own Clothing Brand!

Learn step by step the process to create your own clothing brand with manufacture in China.

Want to start a new clothing business? Don’t know how to start, or how much will it cost?

Join international business expert Laura Cortes as she helps you begin your business journey.

Laura has over ten years of experience in product development and sourcing manufacturers, and she worked in the apparel industry for nearly four years.

In this complete course, you will find online lessons, workbooks, templates, recorded Q&A sessions, and a ton of useful information about manufacturing clothing in China. We will teach you all the basic information to start:


Find the Right Suppliers

Learn to identify a trustworthy supplier & what information to ask for.

Develop a Cut Sheet

Discover all you need to know about cut sheets and why they are so important.

Choose the Right Packing & Label

People often choose the packing design without considering the impact on the logistics cost. Learn what you need to consider before creating the design. Label information is equally important as you need to include all the necessary information according to your market.

Ship Your Products

Don’t get caught off guard by exorbitant shipping costs. Learn to predict accurately so you can better control your costs.

Meet your Teacher!

Laura Cortes

I’m Laura Cortes, and I have been living in China since 2009. I studied for two years at the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou before starting my business career in 2011 in the City of Shenzhen.

I have developed products for a variety of brands and industries and have spent countless hours learning about the electronics, textile, plastics, toy, and mobile phone industries.

Through a decade of successful product development, I’ve helped to develop Boy London Mexico’s first suitcase line, school bags for Hello Kitty in Mexico, and Wag! Walking T-shirts & dog promotional items. Now is the time to share my experiences and help others on a similar path.

I am looking forward to teaching you how to create a new product!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of this course provides lifetime access. You will be able to access the lessons, downloads, and videos any time, for the rest of your life.

While she doesn’t offer private consulting, you can send any comments or questions via email or our contact page, and she will try to answer as soon as she can.

Not at all! All the material and information is geared toward anyone starting from scratch with no previous experience

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