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If you are interested in e-commerce, you have to have a customer base that is ready to pay for and use your services or products. You need to find the kind of customer you want and the kind that wants to purchase from you. The first step in your search for that ideal customer is to create your ideal customer profile, which is a hypothetical description of the type of company that would realize the most value from your product, service, or solution. Here we are talking primarily about a B2B business model. Your ideal target company should have a rapid and successful sales turnover, be able to retain its customers, and would therefore be just right for the promotion of your brand.

How to Develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Here are a few steps that will help you in your efforts

  1. Define yourself or your company:

Who are you as a company?

What are your products?

What makes your company unique?

These details will be your guide to positioning your content for general marketing and sales activities, as well as to tap new markets.

  1. Define your buyers:

What size company is a good fit for your product?

The size could depend on the number of employees

The revenue the company generates

The existing customer base of the company

                 Which industry verticals work best for your product?

                 Which geographical location is suitable for you?

Does the company have any particular attributes that should be considered?

What is the company’s comfort zone both online and offline?

  1. Prioritize the target markets:

Look at the decision-makers in the companies you are whetting to work out a buyer persona.

What motivates them to make their purchasing decisions? This will help you in deciding your own sales pitch

These decision-makers are the foundation upon which your marketing strategies will be based.

To build up the buyer persona you have to look at

  • The role of the buyer in the company
  • His/her goals and motivations
  • The challenges he/she might face
  • Where do they gather product information from
  • What do they value
  • What is the best way to communicate with them
  • What are they looking for in you
  • Do they purchase on impulse or do they need permission from a committee
  • Do they need referrals before deciding on purchasing from you

All these inputs will help you hone in on the right customer and be ready to supply exactly what the buyer is looking for.

If you are interested in the textile industry, Indonesia is a good market to tap. The fashion industry there has evolved remarkably over the past decade or so. Some local brands have become trendsetters like

  • Seratus Kapas
  • S&F Garment Manufacturing
  • PT Tyfountex
  • Easy Tees Bali
  • The Pirate Way
  • Bambooku
  • Bali Sarong

The Indonesian islands have become manufacturing hotspots for global fashion brands like H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Uniqlo. So you can build up your ideal client profile by the points stated above, locate your ideal buyer and build up a thriving business.

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