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Are you planning to import your clothing from China? Or do you want to invest in manufacturing clothing in China? If yes, then we are there to guide you through the whole process.

Firstly, you need to identify and select the best clothing manufacturer for your clothing brand. Then you need to get your clothing designs manufactured in China and get them imported to your country.

We have answered the FAQs which you might have in your mind when starting your Investing in manufacturing clothing in China.

1. What is MOQ?

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement. When you are importing your products from any country, they have a MOQ. If the MOQ is set for 1000 pcs, then you have to purchase a minimum of 1000 pieces of the product otherwise your order will not be placed.

In the textile world, you will the following MOQs:

  • MOQ per order 
  • MOQ per size 
  • MOQ per color
  • MOQ per fabric

MOQ reflects the minimum order. In the case of MOQ per fabric, it means the minimum amount of fabric the supplier has to purchase to complete the order.

2. Can I import wholesale clothing from China for my trading company?

Yes, it is possible to import your wholesale manufacturing from China but most manufacturers make clothes on-demand. They do not stock any clothing and only start production when the order is placed.

3. What is BOM in a tech pack?

BOM stands for Bill of Materials. It is the list of all the physical elements and components used in the making of a single sample/unit of your product. It is essential to be included in the tech pack to give the manufacturer the complete list of elements needed to complete your sample.

BOM is usually added in a tabular form mentioning the type of apparel, the material used, color, and attachment. It should also specify the number of components and materials used in the unit.

4. Does the Location of the manufacturer play a role in the overall costing and shipping of goods?

The location of the manufacturer may pose some challenges when considering the shipping cost. Also, shipping cost adds to the overall cost and decrease profits. But, if you plan and make a good deal with the manufacturers, you may be getting the top quality at even lower prices than in our own country.

When searching for a supplier in China, the large garment manufacturing hubs are located in the provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu ad Zhejiang. These will give you the best quality with no shipping delays.

5. How much will it cost me to manufacture clothes in China?

China is the newest manufacturing hub in the world. The unit cost of your apparel will depend on the color, material cost, prints, and labor cost. In the textile industry, there is no standard pricing. The pricing varies with each order.

so, one can only determine the cost of manufacturing based on actual specifications only. It is recommended to negotiate with the manufacturers and research well before closing a deal.



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