Contract Terms and Conditions Chinese suppliers

Thanks to globalization and outsourcing, Businesses are no longer confined by geographical boundaries and expect to work with manufacturers of different countries. However, culture, location, and communication play a significant role in the working relationship. Therefore, it is mandatory to document the Business Contract between the company and the manufacturer to ensure reliability.

A good supply agreement must include comprehensive business requirements of the buyer and proffers them with a legal resource to handle the manufacturer if they breach.

There are multiple factors that need to be tightly considered before signing the final contract. Let’s dig in!!

1.    Create a Contract With Clear Communication

When it comes to signing a contract with a Chinese Manufacturer, there must be clear communication lines between a company and a manufacturer. To err is human and mistakes can happen in the first few production iterations. But the manufacturer must be reliable enough to take responsibility and can effectively solve the ad-hoc issues.

That’s why a Business document with clear communication is a must to address the issues appropriately. If an organization and manufacturer belong to different cultures, then make sure to generate the contract in multiple languages to maintain transparency.

2.    Include the detailed bill of materials and pricing provisions

Adding a precise bill of materials into a supply agreement is mandatory when you plan to work with the manufacturer of China. This clearly helps in preventing the manufacturer from substituting the cheaper materials at its discretion.

Similarly, pricing provision is equally important when it comes to signing a contract with a Chinese Manufacturer. Pricing is the most common reason for creating disagreements between a company and a manufacturer. Make sure that the manufacturer will not be shy telling you about inflation and rising labor cost. Keep in the mind the fact that quality comes with a price and if you go for the ultra-cheap production cost, then it will directly impact the quality of the product.

3.    Spell out the product warranty

While creating the Business Contract with a Chinese manufacturer, it is necessary to include detailed product specifications and quality control. Also, spell out the product warranty in order to cover all sorts of defects, be it design, manufacturing, or shipping. This warranty period is usually measured from the date of product shipment.

4.    Incorporate the Service Quality and Delivery Time

Excellent service quality and accurate delivery time serve as the primary concerns while formatting the document with the manufacturers of China. These components are mainly incorporated into the contract to ensure outstanding quality and punctuality.

Moreover, the manufacturer must be liable in case they fail to deliver the products within the deadline. Both of the parties should agree to this condition before signing the contract.

To Sum Up

Business owners must resist the temptation of getting a Chinese manufacturer on board with a bare-bones Business Contract as it leaves several issues unaddressed. Keep these factors into account and negotiate the contract accordingly. 


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