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Know about sourcing products from China.

What you are getting?

This course comes in 6 Modules.

From Model 1 to Module 3 I will teach you:

1) Understand the Chinese Industry

2) What Sourcing Platforms are reliable

3) How to use the Sourcing Platforms

From Model 4 to 5 you will learn what 99% of people on youtube or other courses kips.

I will provide you with a workbook and you will put to practice what this course is all about. You will get the information, put it into the workbook and analyze it and you will select the right product and right supplier.

I’ll actually guide you through WHY it is not only about HOW to use the sourcing platforms, it is about what to do with that information.

If you’re looking for a way to really find that right product or that right supplier but you are a bit scare of starting. This is the course you need!

By completing this workbook for a supplier analysis you will understand how to source like a Pro!

“Over a decade of experience in business and coaching, knowledge of the language, and the Chinese culture, I have been helping multiple entrepreneurs turn their product ideas into reality. People from different countries have already benefited from me”

Laura Cortes

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