Develop the right tools to create your own Tech Pack

Tech Pack: The Blueprint for your Fashion Design

Learn Step by Step How to create your own Tech Pack

Have you heard about “tech pack”? Does your business use a Tech pack? If you are not using a tech pack, then you should start using it. A tech pack is one of the most important tools for the development of your product. Many designers often overlook this crucial step, leading to unavoidable costs and delays in the later process of manufacturing. 

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FAQ about Tech Packs

 It is the document containing all the technical information about your product. Tech pack is short for a technical packet which is the specification sheet of your product created by the designer.

  • Technical Sketches
  • Sample Size and Measurements
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Stitches and Seams
  • 2D Mock-up
  • Reduce Mistakes
  • Avoid Delays
  • Production Manual

Any time! It all depends on when you want to start; the material is available and ready when you are. One of the great benefits of studying online is that you have complete control over your own schedule.

A Tech Pack can cost from USD 90 to USD 400 per design, and the price depends on how complex it is. This Guide will help you create your Tech Pack step by step. It will dramatically reduce the cost, and it will also provide the right information to your manufacture in China.

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"In the years I worked developing clothing lines for entrepreneurs I saw hundreds of different Tech Packs and I decided to write a simple guide that will allow entrepreneurs to create their own blueprint without paying hundreds of dollars”
Laura Cortes
Founder of OlingoCo

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