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No one really prepares you. Everything you see online makes it look easy. It always looks so much easier when someone else is doing it. However, here you are, struggling.  

I am here creating the road to something new. This is my third attempt to build a company, and it is not getting any easier, not getting any faster. As a matter of fact, I  noticed that the more I know, the more of an expert I am, and the better I perform, the more emotionally exhausted I am. In a world where everything is instant, being slow feels like the worst mistake.

And you know what makes it even harder? That wherever you go online, there is someone telling you that you can be famous in 1 day, you can get rich in 7 days, you can get skinnier in 10, you can create a seven-figure online shop simply by following easy 6 steps! 

I realized my own idea of online teaching in march 2020. I took that online course where they said you could do it in 2 weeks. Over a year later, I am still developing. I am still here building, working, investing, making mistakes, fixing, getting it right, and fixing again.

So I am writing this not to give you the same speech you here on those motivational videos, our podcasts -I know, I listen to them too- I am here writing this, to tell you it is ok to feel frustrated, it is ok to take a day and feel down because you are not still making those thousands of dollars they said you could make in one month.

Being an entrepreneur is hard, because being an entrepreneur means being an outsider. There will be people who support you, and many others who criticize you. 

So why keep doing it? Why do we get up and keep trying after ten thousand times?

We do it because we are finding our voice and our dreams. You can’t help but to keep going, because you dream at 2am in the morning about the next thing you could do to improve that website, that service, that product. We keep doing it because when the world says it is not possible, we keep looking for that yes.

You feel the need to move, and no matter if it is easy or hard, you will keep trying, and you will do it. 

Being an entrepreneur is not just about having the best idea, it is about having the courage to make that idea into reality.

So don’t worry if today, like me, you feel like you are stuck. Tomorrow, you will get up, and you will show up to work. 

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