If you decide to venture into eCommerce, there are some things you have to be very particular about. Your primary concern should be to identify a reliable and ethical supplier. China has become famous in the world today as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of products. You can be located anywhere across the globe, and you can source your goods from China. But you need a supplier located in China to fulfill your needs. While searching for one, you have to keep the following points in mind.

  • Sense of accountability: This is a key characteristic of a good supplier. The company must be willing to take on the responsibility of the production of quality goods and on-time deliveries.
  • Production capabilities: You can either do this yourself or via a third-party agent. You must audit the supplier and review its product samples before placing your bulk order.
  • Expertise in the kind of product you are interested in and its target market: It is only trading companies that can offer a wide variety of products. Verify that your supplier has a factory that is dedicated to the production of high-quality goods.
  • Culture fit: For a successful, long-term relationship, the supplier’s goal must match that of your own.
  • Ease of communication: The supplier must have staff that has a working knowledge of English if you do not know the local language. Many an order can be messed up due to a communication gap. Suppliers without English-speaking staff probably do not do international business.
  • Outside inspection: Resistance to third-party quality control is a cause for concern. Quality suppliers will always allow outside inspectors to verify goods before shipment.
  • Ethical compliance: the Best suppliers meet social compliance standards like not using child or slave labor. Their products are made in safe working conditions. They always meet production deadlines. They should be agreeable to distribute your products and your brand reputation is protected due to your ethical sourcing.
  • Regulatory compliance: Your selected supplier must comply with all the rules and regulations of the country it operates in and the target market.
  • Record keeping: The supplier must have clear and comprehensive record keeping.
  • Correct attitude: The supplier must be proactive and be dedicated to continuous improvement.

Once you have decided on the products you wish to sell online, you have to first identify the potential suppliers and then screen and verify them before selection.

If you are interested in the fashion industry, China is a good place to source your goods, but you have to first decide whether you are looking for low-cost or high quality. Whether you need a wide range of designs or a few select expensive products, you have to select the right supplier with the appropriate facilities. Quality varies between

  1. Unstructured workshops
  2. Semi-organized manufacturer
  3. Organized manufacturer.

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