If you are here it is because like many other people you are interested in learning how to find products or suppliers more effectively. Either because your job requires it or simply because you want to start a new business with manufacturing in Asia and want to take that first step.

Who is this course for?


If you are looking to start your line of clothing, telephone accessories, electronics, shoes. And you are not sure how to start contacting providers for the first time. 

Purchase Managers

Choosing a supplier properly is not something that is just left to chance, develop new tools for selecting suppliers or products.


Sourcing Agency

This is the course you need for your collaborators to train for free and help you grow your business


What will you learn in this course?

  • Understand the industry in China, which geographic areas are the most important, and how the location of the supplier influences your selection.
  • To know the most important, secure, and fastest platforms to contact new suppliers
  • To develop an analysis to select the correct suppliers/
  • The top 5 mistakes to avoid when looking for a new provider

At the end of the course:

  1. You will understand the Chinese Industry
  2. You will use Sourcing Platforms correctly
  3. You will know the key points to consider when selecting a supplier
  4. You will able to apply new sourcing tools
  5. You will have developed new negotiation tools
  6. You will know what mistakes avoid.

What to do if I have further questions?

You can send an email directly to laura.cortes@olingoco.com and I will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

if you liked the course, do not forget to share it with other people and leave a testimony so I can know what you liked the most and what other topics interest you and thus develop more content for you. Without further ado, let’s get started!


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