Looking for sourcing your products from China? Well, before you start sourcing them, you should know what things to look for and where. Most people are only aware of “Alibaba” but there are hundreds of sourcing websites in China.

Read on to find out about the most trusted websites of China for sourcing your products.

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is the pioneer of wholesale eCommerce not only in China but all over the world. It is the platform that allows buyers and sellers to chat and trade.

It is known for “Wholesale Trading” because you have to buy the minimum order.

What do I like about Alibaba?

1. Trade Assurance Services

Alibaba assures buyers safety with their trade assurance services. It is a service wherein Alibaba assures the buyers of the timely delivery of the products. If the goods are delivered on time and do not adhere to the quality, then Alibaba refunds the payments back to the buyer.

2. Buying only from Gold Suppliers

If you want to be protected against frauds and scams, it is best to buy from “Gold Suppliers”. The Gold suppliers are verified by third-party inspectors of Alibaba and are legally registered businesses.

Since these suppliers are legally registered, have a physical presence, and are verified by inspectors, you are in the good when buying from these suppliers.

3. Quality Inspection Services

Alibaba also provides independent quality inspection services. In this service, Alibaba quality inspectors visit the supplier on your behalf to inspect the quality and manufacturing of the products.

It comes at a cost to the buyer. I recommend it for larger consignments only.

2. DHgate

If you are a beginner and just starting to buy products from China, then DHgate is the best website for you. The best part of this platform is its fast and easy buying experience.

What do I like about DHgate?

Tiered Pricing Structure

DHgate is best for both small and large buyers. They have a tiered pricing structure for each product. It simply means that the more things you add to your cart, the more you will save.

Buyers Safety

DHgate ensures your safety by the escrow payment model. It means that your payment won’t be released to the seller unless delivery is confirmed by you. Also, they keep a track record of all on-time deliveries which can be verified by the “on-time Delivery” badge.

Field Certification

DHgate also provides independent third parties verification f the sellers. It also gives a square trade service, which gives an extended warranty or electronic products for US buyers.


You will get the best prices for the products on DHgate. Also, the website runs a lot of discounts and offers, helping to reduce your bill further by a few notches. For first time buyers, DHgate also offers discount coupons.

Easy and Quick

The best thing about this platform is the ease of shopping. It is a quick, easy and fast process. It is easy to understand and the interface is user-friendly.

3. Global Sources

Last but not the least, Global Sources is one the very best platforms for your sourcing requirements. It is an online market, sourcing service provider, and also a trade show facilitator.

What Do I Like About Global Sources?

Buyers Safety

The sellers have verified manufacturers’ badges and also Online-to-offline (O2O) badges. They also have verified company and product certificates, physically-checked by third-party inspectors.


Global Sources have the best Chinese wholesalers, suppliers & manufacturers on their listing. Therefore, you will get the best product price on Global Sources.


One of the most difficult things, when sourcing products from China, is to not get scammed. You need to be doubly sure that you receive your good on time, get the quality you prescribed for, and in the best condition. There have been many scary stories of international buyers getting scammed by Chinese sellers. So, you should know which websites to visit to look for your products and which to avoid.


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