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New Lockdowns in China, How is it going so far? 2022

Last Monday, March 14, the city of Shenzhen with an official population of almost 13 million started the first day of full lockdown, and it said it will be like this until the 20th. Shenzhen is not the only city under lockdown. Few provinces are imposing the same restrictions such as Shandong, Jilin, and of course ll of Guangdong where Shenzhen is located.

Now how did we need up here? Stock at home, with a card that allows only 1 person per house to be out every two days for 1 hour and getting tested every single day?

On March 6ths, there were already signs that there were new cases, that I mean a little over 130 cases in the whole country. With the idea that it was still under control, they started to run mass testing again, and they started to lock places down with the intention that isolating the case and avoiding a bigger measure. However, this didn’t seem to work as the confirmed cases are Omicron Variant, Omicron is known for spreading faster.

And you probably heard about this, but thousands of people that attended The 59th China International Beauty Expo hosted in the Canton Fair Complex, and it was shut down on March 11 and a mass testing operation was implemented after one attendee tested positive for COVID-19. Around 49,000 people were stuck there and were only able to leave with a negative test result.

By March 14th, there were already around 2000 confirmed cases in China,  and several places in China went into full lockdown mode. How does that look? 

The General rules are

1) No public transportation is allowed

2) All manufacturers and non-essential businesses must work from home (if possible)

3) People must get tested every day

4) You can’t leave your building complex 

5) 1 person per house to be out every two days for 1 hour

We are able to buy things, and they will get delivered at the main gate of our complex, and the guards will spray packages to avoid any risk of contamination. 

Restaurants are able to work, but they can only deliver, there are also travel restrictions of course as we cannot leave our cities either. 

But is it really 2000 cases an alarming number for a lockdown like this? Just Brazil reported over 40,000 cases, and they do not follow the same protocol.

The difference is China’s Zero-Covid policy. This is the same strategy they used when Covid first hit the country back in 2020, and it helped them to control it faster than other countries, China also has reported that nearly 85% of their population is fully vaccinated. 


We hope that by sharing some information about what’s going on in Shenzhen, we can provide some insights into what life is like during a lockdown and help answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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