Quality Control & Inspection Services

Is your biggest concern the quality of your product and the schedule of your delivery in China?

This is what you need

We can provide Factory Audit and Product Inspection services in China for importers around the globe. Keeping consistently high-quality products can make your company grow, and we are here to make sure of it. With a deep knowledge of the western markets and quality requirements, we understand your needs.


Initial Product Check

Product Review

IPC is an on-site product inspection performed before your product begins. A preliminary inspection of all machinery and materials to be used. IPC is an early-warning system that safeguards your product against costly import risk.

Quality Control / Factory Visit

During Production Inspection

DPI will identify potential issues early in the manufacturing cycle, giving you the time to react and fix them. DPI is an on-site inspection performed with 20-80% of your product is completed and packed for shipping.

Factory Audits

Supplier Evaluation

Our MA adheres to the internationally recognized ISO 900 standards of Quality Management Systems (QMS). An auditor will assess the factory product capability, quality management system, staff infrastructure, and working environment. We will audit on the spot and collect the effective information, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the supplier.

Initial Product Check

Product Review
$ 180 Per Product
  • Product Review
  • Bill of Materials
  • Factory Profile

Quality Control

Production Inspection
$ 280 Per Product /Day
  • Inspection onsite
  • Product or Sample Testing
  • Factory & Logistics Documents Review

Factory Audits

Quality Assurance
$ 788 Per Supplier
  • Certifications Review
  • Manufacturing Capability
  • Prices Review


Select the services

Select the services according to the status of your project. If you have a question, you can contact us directly to info@olingoco.com

Confirm your Payment

Pay online with Credit Card & Submit your booking Form.


Information on the Factory Visit will be confirm.


Our Inspector will visit the site & a report will be prepared 24hrs after the visit has been concluded.


Struggling to find Suppliers?

 This Mini-Course is designed to help entrepreneurs learn the essential steps needed to find and filter out the best suppliers in their niche and source products from China like a Pro:

  •  6 Modules
  •  Perfect for Beginners
  •  Workbook for you to start!

Frequantly Asked Questions

This is a very important question as we need to know your exact requirements and compare them with the factory’s product.

Yes, Factories in China are often visited by inspectors from third-party inspection companies to ensure that the goods being produced meet international safety standards.

We are here to help! If you have a problem with your supplier, we’re ready and waiting. Just book an appointment so that our team of experts can get started on finding the best course for handling this situation – it’s what they do after all…

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