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Here's The Thing: Finding The Right Supplier Can Be Overwhelming

If you understand the HUGE importance of a sourcing strategy to grow your business, but you feel frustrated because you are not sure how to identify the right supplier or the right product!

The right supplier can empower or break your business. The wrong supplier can have an impact on your sales revenues and profit margins, damage your relationship with customers, reduce the quality of your products or services, and increase your costs.


Getting Scam

Manufacture in China comes with a lot of benefits, but there are still stories of people that fall victim to scammers, either by paying and never getting their product delivered or by getting the wrong product. Why is this? The answer is simple: they don't have the necessary tools to identify and evaluate the supplier.


Lost control of the Cost

It is easy to lose control of your product cost, either you have heard the story of already happened to you. A supplier told you a price, and halfway through the order, they raised the cost.


Negotiations gone wrong

You reached out to the supplier you thought was right, the price seems fair, and the product is what you need, but somehow they are not very responsive, and they are refusing to be your supplier or to negotiate the price or quantity. This happens even to the most experience sourcing specialist.

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In OlingoCo we focus on you learning business with China and help you empower your business ideas. If you still have more questions, you can get a private coaching session, where you will be able to talk to an expert and ask all those questions that no one seems to answer.

Your ultimate Sourcing Course to find Chinese Products.

For years, I have dedicated myself to learning the ins and outs of conducting business in China. And now I’m ready to help YOU improve the knowledge and skills needed to bring your business idea to fruition! -
Laura Cortes- Founder OlingoCo

But Some Entrepreneurs Are Getting Empower

"Knowledge in Business"

Laura has extensive knowledge in business with Asia, she is highly reliable, the assignments assigned to her have provided us with good results.

Efren Venegas Paniagua

"Improve & Develop"

Laura has an amazing personality great leader and mentor, she has an astonishing experience in life, especially in Chinese market and business highly motivated optimistic person, and she knows how to push the person to improve and develop himself, as she provides a great advices and opinions. It has been always a great pleasure to work with her and have such a pleasant discussion with her.

Hadeer Hashem

"Knowledge & Expertise"

Laura is highly motivated to share her knowledge and expertise. She has successfully navigated leadership and entrepreneurship as an expat in China and is able to set clear goals for her future.

Addie Loy

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but it is worst when you start without guidance. The best way to start is by learning from other people's experiences and avoiding mistakes. -
Laura Cortes- Founder OlingoCo

Introducing OlingoCo: Source from China like a Pro!


Understand your Industry & Use Sourcing Platforms

Use all your tools available!


Do a Supplier Analysis

Analyze and select your supplier!


Implement & Find the right Supplier

Use our exclusive Workbook!

What Makes Us Different From Others?


This course would be available at any time, and you can revisit the units anytime you want.


OlingoCo is committed to providing you with the information and support to develop your sourcing strategy.


Our Founder Laura Cortes, your coach, has over a decade of experience, and she will provide you with all the support.


You will not be alone, and you will be able to ask questions to your coach.


We are committed to developing, implementing, and distributing only the best content for those Entrepreneurs in a hurry.


You will be part of a community of Entrepreneurs doing business with Asia, sharing experiences, and getting support.

You Have Lifetime Access to Our 15-Minute Short Lessons

As an entrepreneur, this course will provide you with the necessary tools to identify, evaluate and select the best supplier for your business.

What Should You Expect?

In this course, you will learn: How to use Sourcing Platforms, do a Supplier Analysis, Supplier Selection, what mistakes to avoid when sourcing and to understand the Chinese Industry. All of this will allow you to have effective negotiations and develop your business as you want it.

Stop paying Sourcing Agents!

We Just Don't Teach Entrepreneurs To Source, But to Implement Their New Found Knowledge.



If you are looking to start your own clothing brand, telephone accessories, electronics, or shoe brand, and you are not sure how to start contacting providers for the first time, then this course is definitely for you.

Purchase Managers

Properly choosing a supplier is not something that is just left to chance. You must be able to use the right tools for selecting suppliers or products.

Sourcing Agency

This is the course you need for your collaborators, so they can train for free and help you grow your business.

You Are One Click Away From Becoming a Pro!

Here's what we will cover in this course.


Identify at least 3 key areas of the Chinese Industry

There are 3 key areas of the Chinese Industry that by recognizing them will help you develop negotiation strategies to reduce your cost, control your logistics and avoid getting scammed!


Construct & Analyze a Supplier Analysis

You will learn to do a correct supplier analysis, this will help you select the right supplier. All this with workbook design exclusively for this course.


Select & Use the Top 4 Sourcing Platforms in China.

You know Alibaba, but this is not the only sourcing platform you can use when sourcing products in China. You will be able to use and identify each platform tools.


Identify at least 5 Mistakes to Avoid

You will know the Don't's when sourcing in China. Avoiding these mistakes will help you and your company save money!

"As a new Entrepreneur, I couldn't get suppliers to work with me because of the small quantities, and after this course, I was able to move forward with my project."

Chris Policari

Imagine This Day: You will not pay Sourcing Agents & will get your top-selling product!

You see other people selling products from China, and you see them being successful, but you don't know how to start, and more importantly, you are worried that you might get scammed. You will stop being worry because you will understand the step-by-step process to source.

You have also seen the ads from Sourcing Agents offering their services, and this might be an extra cost you right now cannot have. You will not have to spend hundreds of dollars on sourcing agents or not being sure that they got the right price for you!

You are now in control!

That's Not All! Every Tool, Template and Playbook You'll Need is Already Included

Bonus 1: 15 Minutes Consultation Call with our Expert

After you finish the course, you will have a 15 Minutes Consultation one-on-one chat with our business expert. You will get real answers to your questions.

Bonus 2: 10% Discount on our Next Business Course

As a member, you will get an exclusive notice and discount on our Business Courses & Digital Marketing Courses.

Entrepreneurship Journey Guarantee: 24 Hours Refund

No, up to your standards? 100% refund will be given if the refund application is made within 24 hours

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