Have you heard about “tech pack”? Does your business use a Tech pack? If you are not using a tech pack, then you should start using it. A tech pack is one of the most important tools for the development of your product. Many designers often overlook this crucial step, leading to unavoidable costs and delays in the later process of manufacturing.

I am going to answer all your questions. What is a tech pack, why do you need it, and what are the main things to be included in a strong tech pack.

What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is the blueprint of your product. It is the document containing all the technical information about your product. Tech pack is short for a technical packet which is the specification sheet of your product created by the designer.

What is the characteristic of a good tech pack?

A good tech pack is one that can give clear instructions to the manufacturer about the product. Everything a designer visualizes should be explicitly explained in the tech pack with clear and precise instructions.

A good tech pack includes the following:

Technical Sketches

The technical drawings showing the close up of the front and back view of your design are the first thing to be included in the tech pack. It should include minute details such as pleats, design, seemed, stitching details, etc. It should give the feel of the clothing from different angles including the inside view.

You should also include the construction details in the tech pack like precise diagrams about the plackets, collars, cuffs, artwork placement, etc.

Samples Size and measurements

If you are developing a design for the very first time, then you have to provide the measurements of a single size to the manufacturer. You should always give the size and measurements in tabular form that makes it easier for the manufacturer to develop.

Bills of Material

A garment is not made with only fabric but a lot of other accessories are included in the garment. Your Bills of Material (BOM) should include the list of all the physical elements or accessories integrated into your garment and their placement. These can consist of tags, labels, buttons, threads, etc.

Stitches and seams

The types of seams, the stitches per inch, seam allowances, seam width, and seam ISO numbers are to be included in this column of your tech pack.

Why do you need a tech pack?

Reduced Mistakes

The designer and the manufacturer find it easier to communicate with an informative and strong tech pack. It reduces the scope of mistakes and misunderstandings.

It ensures that the garment designed is according to the exact specifications of the designer. With a detailed tech pack, you can rest assured that no mistakes happen during sampling and bulk production of the clothing.

Avoid Delays

A detailed tech pack shortens the sampling lead time and help you get your product quickly in the market. It also helps in the quick planning and deployment of resources and manpower.

Production manual

A strong tech pack acts as a production manual for your product. It brings clarity and consistency when passed through different people and departments of the production process.


It is the link between the designer and the manufacturer. If the tech pack is not correct, the manufacturer will not be able to meet the requirements of the designer which will lead to delays and costly mistakes in the final product.


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