Alibaba is one of the most excellent platforms to resource cheap products for an online clothing business. Alibaba has a number of suppliers therefore it is imperative to find out the most reliable suppliers that meet all requirements. It is safe and highly reputed.  Alibaba has laid strict rules as well as regulations that ensure their transactions are secure on the platform. However, it is also important for the buyers and suppliers to ensure due diligence before forming any contact. Alibaba does get involved anytime there is a misuse of the service, however it’s recommended to do proper research prior to making any transactions. Alibaba has secure payment gateways like Alipay which is its own escrow account, T/T upfront bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal as well as letter of credit. 

How to authenticate suppliers to buy safely from Alibaba?

It is critical to vet your suppliers before you deal with them. Scammers are always looking for the next target, and it could be you if you do not take proper precautionary measures.  Even though Alibaba ensures scammers do not get to exploit the platform, there can still be a few lurking around. Below are a few points to take note of to verify the suppliers on the platform. 

Alibaba verified

Alibaba has a robust verification process in place for each and every supplier that joins the platform. The verifications help you understand who is the most trustworthy. It acts as a safeguard for buyers by ascertaining that the suppliers are registered business and comply to all legalities.   

Ask relevant questions and clear your doubts

To learn as much as you can, ask your suppliers relevant questions like the company standards they adhere to, what kind of products they offer and their quality, facilities, thumbnails of the products and any other queries you have in your mind. 

Test samples

No matter what supplier you are dealing with, it is very important to test out samples before you commit to any supplier for future dealings. Often times, even reputed suppliers can offer bad quality products. 

Check feedback from suppliers

 All the suppliers have comments/reviews as well as ratings from the other buyers that can help you make a decision. The ratings as well as the reviews, both are for legitimate buyers therefore you can learn a great deal about how the supplier works, the quality they offer, and much more!

How to approach the suppliers?

Ask for MOQs or Minimum Order Quantities

Listing by suppliers always mentions the MOQ, however, you can always approach the supplier personally and make a request for a lower MOQ. Suppliers interested in dealing with you will usually accept such a request.

Negotiate the pricing 

Samples play an important role in the entire process. Usually the supplier asks for full payment when samples are requested, but if your negotiating skills are on pint they might offer it to you on discounted rates. 

Last but not the least always enquire about the production price and the production time.


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