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Top business cities in china

There are many listed business cities in China; each has an essential status in the progress of china that plays a crucial role in the economy, business, education, finance, marine, and many other features. It is also massive thinking that the Chinese economy is a decentralized body of several regional economies. China contains some largest and wealthiest cities, and some are specific in some products.

6 Top business cities of china.

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Shanghai is the biggest city in China and has an important role in the economy, transport, science, finance, trade, exhibition, and shipping centre. Furthermore, it is also an important international port of China, Shanghai e-commerce business enterprises mainly in the border of Shanghai. It is a global city, so their house prices are very high. Its specific strength is good; talent is more, development of the e-commerce industry is still at the forefront in the country. At the end of June 2017, Shanghai had 1,034 cross-border e-commerce companies.

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Beijing is the capital city of China. The State Council approved that Beijing is China’s political, cultural, international exchange, and technological innovation city. It is the very ancient city of china and contains six world-class heritages. Beijing has many talents and a book publishing market, forming a good e-commerce business environment. Beijing is the most developed and prosperous city in China, and its gross regional product was trillion. The city also has a post-industrial economy dominated by the tertiary sector. According to a study by Oxford Economics, its nominal GDP per capita is estimated to reach US$ 45,000 in 2030.

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There are three industrial pillars of Guangzhou, Automobiles, electronics, and petrochemicals. Guangzhou is also developing into an international shipping, aviation, and sci-tech innovation hub. Other industries, such as retail trade, finance, leasing business service, also contribute to the city’s GDP. Besides, it has the main supply base for cross-border e-commerce. Guangzhou’s complete Urban Plan 2017-2035 aims to build Guangzhou into a “livable flower and dynamic global city” by 2035. It also hopes to enchant foreign investment in these industries and set up its development zones, offering smooth business processes and financial assistance.

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Shenzhen is a special economic zone in China, and it is one of the four highest level cities in China. It is the air hub and foreign trade port globally, a significant finical and economic centre of China. Its Important industries are technology, financial services, the cultural sector, and looked at as a global pioneer in different high-tech sectors, likewise mobile technology, DNA sequencing, and 3D displays. Shenzhen is the first special economic zone because it signifies China’s Reform and Opening-up and is essential for foreign trade. Many leading companies are headquartered in Shenzhen: Tencent, Huawei, ZTE, Baidu, IBM, and some financial institutions HSBC, China Merchants Bank, Standard Chartered, and Citigroup.

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The light industry is a highly developed city of china and has the tag of cultural change. Therefore, its clothing industry is also very developed and has become an extensive distribution and trading centre. There is Alibaba and Taobao headquarters in Hangzhou. It is the capital city of Zhejiang province. Hangzhou is an essential economy, science, education, transport, communication, and finance centre and has a metropolitan economic circle. It is the permanent host city of the World Leisure Expo, China International Cartoon, and Animation Festival.

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Wuhan is a central city of China and based in a significant industrial, science, and education and an integrated transport main point. 35 higher educational institutions in Wuhan make it a leading educational hub for China. Wuhan is a city of Hubei province and the headquarters of major domestic car and steel producers.

Wuhan’s GDP growth was 7.8 per cent in 2019, 1.7 percentage points higher than the national average. The world’s top 300 companies have a presence in the city, including Microsoft, German-based software company SAP, and French car manufacturer Groupe PSA.

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