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China has been a major player in global trade for years, and it’s no surprise that she would eventually become the world market leader. Her export revenue grew by more than 10% during pandemic times – when many other countries were experiencing shortages or even worse crisis conditions-to $3 trillion annually! This isn’t all from exports either; eCommerce is also playing an important role globally as well, with new startups happening everywhere needing low prices on products like smartphones which can be found easily through online shopping sites powered by internet technology evaluation .

Why do people import from China?

The reason why China is a popular outsourcing destination for many global brands, especially those in the clothing and accessory industry (which has seen prices decrease thanks to automation), maybe because they have been able to take advantage of affordable labour while maintaining top-quality production.

What are China’s main exports?

Miscellaneous Textiles:

According to the available data for the year 2020, china export ready-made or knitted apparel (jeans, shirts, lingeries, etc.) worth $75.6 billion, this is 2.9 % of total china’s export.

Raw Clothing Materials:

China export non-knitted or clothing accessories worth 62.3 billion dollars which is 2.4% of total china’s export for the fiscal year of 2022.

Electronics and Smartphone:

Electronics types of equipment, including smartphones, have good growth. China shipped 329.3 million units, including 266 million of 5G smartphones in 2021. In 2020 mobile phones were the most items shipped in numbers

Electrical machinery:

Electrical machinery and other equipment have a big chunk of $710.1 billion, which is 27.4 of its total world export share.

Plastics Products:

Plastics articles have a 3.7 % share of the total export of $96.4 billion.

Optical, Technical, Medical Products:

Technical and medical equipment have $80.2 billion, 3.1 per cent of its total export share.

Toys, Games:

In China, toys have potential growth of 71.5 billion dollars, which is 2.8 per cent of its total exports.


In 2020 china exported $32.1 billion in shoes was, which decreased 23.8% from the previous year.

This list can be very long if I mention each product information.

China After Pandemic Outbreak.

China is the land of affordable prices. It has an efficient automation system which makes it possible for them to produce goods at a lower cost than other countries, especially when considering clothing and accessories like cell phone cases!
The People’s Republic does not sell anything cheap – instead their products are budget-friendly because they have stable labour forces along with high quality control measures in place by law.


China has been the king of manufacturing for years now, and they’re not slowing down any time soon. In a world where market competition is increasing day by day, sellers are under pressure from price wars as well as other companies trying to take their place on top; product information can be found with just one touch away because consumers need quality products at low prices which meet these new standards in order not only stay afloat but also gain more ground against competitors like china who produce cost-effective items within this competitive environment allowing them to do so better than anyone else could hope.

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