With the pandemic making us embrace technology more than ever, there is an extensive array of mobile phone accessories offered in 2021. The following are some cool and stylish options that will take your productivity levels up a notch while using this device!

inCharge 6

If you hoard multiple USB devices, this 6 in 1 charging cable is one of the popular picks. inCharge 6 features a magnetic attachment, assembled with a braided 90-layered copper wire, and has phone to phone OTG charging enabled. It is highly convenient, lightweight, and user-friendly. You can effortlessly carry this in your wallet or backpack and it eliminates your need to carry supplementary cables.

Razer Kishi Gaming Controller

Want to take your mobile gaming experience from average to extraordinary?

Razer Kishi Gaming Controller is the ultimate choice for mobile gamers. It features a beautiful aesthetic, a lightweight collapsible design, and uses your phone’s battery to charge itself. This universal gaming controller works with android and apple smartphones. You can even charge your phone while playing.

With this brilliant controller, victory is bound to be yours!

Moft X

While the market is bustling with cell phone stands, this one sets the tone apart and gives an experience like never before. Moft X, a foldable cell phone stand is a portable stand that lets smartphone and tablet users enjoy the best angles. Apart from its sleek design and enhanced levels of comfort, this stand is 5mm thin, can adjust well to landscape or portrait mode, and has 3 card holders inbuilt. 

Adonit Snap 2 Stylus

Apple users love this super unique mobile phone accessory as it enhances their creativity to multifold. Adonit snap 2 stylus features a combination of the precision of a fine point stylus and a bluetooth camera shutter remote that can be used to doodle, draw or write with absolute precision. With the shutter remote, taking photos becomes a breeze. Capture photos with one snap of the button without any timer no matter where you place your phone.

WonderCube Pro

As the name suggests, WonderCube Pro is an all-encompassing smartphone accessory that has combined all your essential needs in a wonderful single cube-sized 1cc. This tiny gadget boasts a charger, emergency power, SD card reader Built-in MFI & OTG Cables, LED torch, and works as a phone stand. It comes in the form of a key chain for supreme portability. It works with both apple and android smartphones.

Duolink SpeakerBuds – Portable Speaker with Earbuds Inside

Plenty of music devices in the market but this device is unparalleled. The Duolink dual speakers are portable speakers with earbuds inside. One of a kind, its auto-switch function lets you transition between speakers to earbuds within seconds. It features a 6 hours battery playtime, in-built 3 modes of operation, has a 6W speaker, and weighs around 200 grams. It not only saves expenditure on multiple devices but also adds to comfort as you no longer have to carry around Bluetooth speakers and earbuds separately.


So, if you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your old phone or want some fresh ideas for accessories that’ll make using your smartphone easier and more stylish, check out the list above! We’ve got something for everyone. And who knows? You might just find the perfect accessory to help take your new business levels up a notch.


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