In the current world social media scenario, the biggest challenger to Facebook is the Chinese messenger app: WeChat.

To many people who live outside China, the iconic messaging program’s name may be entirely foreign. However, in SMEs of China, WeChat marketing is slang for marketing in general. Audiences in China have no access to social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but they’ve fully adopted WeChat. WeChat launched the app in 2011, which Chinese ex-pats, tourists, and students worldwide use daily. Although other social media channels might be part of your digital marketing plan, WeChat is an application to consider, particularly if you want to increase brand awareness and attract Chinese-speaking customers as well.

WeChat was introduced five years ago by Tencent as a messaging service. It stood out for using voice messaging as the primary medium for contact during its inception, a revolutionary step in a country where clicking characters can often be awkward. Currently, it has more than 700 million Monthly Active Users (MAU). WeChat is not a generic messaging APP. It is a platform that enables one to do a multitude of things in China. For example, you can transfer money, recharge your phone, Call for a taxi, buy movie tickets online, Order dry cleaning services, order food, invest money in a wealth growth scheme, and Book a train or an airplane ticket. So, now the question arises as to how you can utilize this interconnected design of WeChat to promote your company and brand in China?

WeChat marketing for SMEs:  WeChat marketing is the process of attracting followers to your account, keeping them consistently involved with it, and ultimately turning them to consumers via the bottom-menu that they can use to buy products or correspond with you.

WeChat allows businesses and individuals to create “WeChat Official Accounts” to advertise their business or logo. These profiles are, to some degree, close to Facebook Pages: anybody can join them and can get push updates from them.

Creating a WeChat Official Account: There are various forms of WeChat official accounts. Subscription and Utility accounts appear in the key “chat” feed of the user. They have a restricted quota of messages they may deliver users.

Subscription accounts are packed into a particular folder and can send one message every day. Service accounts show up as friends and can send four messages every month. For most enterprises in China, two documents are needed to establish a WeChat Official Accounts:

(i) Chinese Corporate License secured by a local firm or WFOE (wholly foreign-owned enterprise)

(ii) Chinese ID of a Chinese national with a WeChat payment account

Sale on WeChat:

After you have set up your WeChat account, the next move would entail connecting it to a shop to start selling. You have two broad alternatives to build a WeChat store:

(i) Create your website and incorporate the WeChat API for some of the WeChat-specific features.

(ii) there are several platforms to quickly build online shops (Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, etc.)

After getting these basic things out of the way, a marketer also has to keep several other things in mind: creating quality content, finding the correct time to post, generating traffic on your account, etc.


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