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What is a Die Cut? Fashion | OlingoCo

Die Cuts are drawings that show the pattern of your clothing design. They are used to creating prototypes of clothing designs before they are sent to be manufactured. Die cuts can also be used to make adjustments to clothing patterns after they have been created.

Die cuts, why are they important?

Die cuts are important in fashion design, for a die can be used to cut out multiple layers of fabric at once. This is essential when creating clothing because it saves time and ensures that each layer is cut perfectly. Additionally, die cuts can be used to create unique designs that would be difficult to achieve with a regular cutting blade.

Is it expensive to design a die cut?

No, die cuts are relatively inexpensive. You can purchase die cuts online using freelancers or a design studio.

Die cuts & Manufactures

If you are working with a clothing manufacturer, they will always request your die cuts. This is because die cuts are necessary to create your clothing design. Without die cuts, your clothing manufacturer would have to cut each layer of fabric individually, which would be time-consuming and expensive.


Die cuts are an essential part of fashion design. They are used to creating prototypes and final clothing designs. Die cuts are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online or from a clothing manufacturer.

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