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A Mexican by birth, Laura Cortes, on her LinkedIn profile, describes herself as someone who “help(s) entrepreneurs do business in China”. Her motto is “empowering equality” which she believes is achieved through education. Laura has been in China since 2009 developing products for different brands and different industries, from electronics, to toys, and clothes. After moving from Mexico to Shenzhen in China, she spent a large amount of time exploring the manufacturing methods of Chinese businesses. She learned the ins and outs of the whole process and helped develop products for brands like Hello Kitty, DC Comics, Marvel, Lamborghini, etc. And now she is ready to share her vast experience and knowledge with those interested in doing business in Asia, particularly China.

As a young business student in Mexico, Laura always dreamt of setting up her own company. Finally, in 2016, she joined forces with two other partners and started Intrepid Sourcing and Services (ISS), a company specializing in consultation with manufacturers. The company helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create their designs. The lessons Laura learned at ISS helped her in her next enterprise.

Laura Cortes is an entrepreneur and international business specialist. She founded, an online learning platform specializing in business. She focuses on how to conduct business in Asia, and she has designed customized online courses catering to different industries. Her courses will give you guidelines and very relevant tips on

  • whether to manufacture your products
  • how to source suppliers
  • how to decide on your client’s needs
  • how to choose the products you wish to sell
  • how to research the pricing

Her motto is to never “Buy a product you don’t already have a client to sell to”. She will show you how to set up an international business with the right budget and the right tools. She will also help you select the appropriate platform for an e-commerce website so that you can achieve your business goals effortlessly.

“Business is an international language” believes Laura Cortes and her company, which focuses on business strategies’ development, problem-solving, and procuring products from Asia.

The blog topics covered on the website are:

It is easy to join Olingoco

  • Sourcing products
  • contract negotiations
  • supplier management
  • e-commerce business
  • logistics
  • Open an account
  • follow Olingoco on social media
  • join a course related to your area of interest
  • apply what you have learned

Olingoco is perfect for beginners.

  • It has up-to-date information
  • It has six modules of the free course ‘How to source products from China like a Pro!’ which teaches
  • how to communicate effectively with Chinese manufacturers
  • the mistakes that are commonly made
  • how to avoid making those mistakes
  • It has 8 modules of the mini-course ‘How to import goods from China in 5 easy steps’
    • Which are the reliable companies
    • What are the necessary documents
    • How to calculate your cost
    • How to negotiate with the Chinese manufacturers
  • It has 10 modules of ‘Design and make your own mobile cases’
  • It has 15 modules of ‘Start your own clothing brand’

  1. Sourcing in China
  2. Logistics

Each of these is of 45 minutes in duration, Monday to Friday. Consultation fees are USD 50 per session. To qualify for a one-to-one meeting with Laura Cortes, you have to answer a few questions.

In a blog on OlingoCo Laura Cortes states that business growth and self-development are closely related. Personal development helps entrepreneurs deal with the challenges they may face. Strategies for self-improvement are as follows:

  • Set appropriate goals:  You must set yourself realistic, achievable, and measurable goals that must be limited within a particular time frame. Do not forget to keep the principles of doing business in mind. These are:
  1. Commitments must be kept
  2. Deadlines must be met
  3. Challenges must be faced with a positive frame of mind
  4. Respect and attention must be paid to feedback, be it positive or negative.
  • Concentrate on time management: It would help if you started every day with a workflow chart and ensured all your duties are completed within your scheduled time.
  • Do not pressurize yourself: Set a pace that you are comfortable with. Set yourself manageable goals. Do not over-commit to impress your client. It is more important to do a perfect job than a hasty one
  • Be open to new ideas: If necessary, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Think out of the box and look for unusual options so that you can give your business a head start. Pushing the boundaries will make you stronger and more confident.
  • Nurture your inner qualities:     Judge yourself and learn to project your positive skills. Self-development means focusing on your capabilities and making them stand out.
  • Stay updated on all developments in the business world:   Learning and thereby improving never stops. Learn to look at any situation from different perspectives before you take any decision. Once you master that, you will have taken a major step in self-empowerment and in looking at new business ideas.

Laura Cortes has made available on her website a free eBook called “The Ultimate Guide to Create your own Tech Pack”. It teaches how to communicate with Chinese manufacturers correctly., the company helmed by Ms. Cortes, is the ideal destination if you are interested in doing business with Asia. The company is registered in Shenzhen, Guangdong in China. It is your guide on how to start a new business project, particularly with China.

China today is one of the top manufacturing countries in the world. Their language is so different from the other languages on the planet that you must have some idea of it. Their mindset, too, is different from the other countries. Yet, by tapping the Chinese manufacturing market, you can establish a thriving business anywhere in the world. Laura Cortes and are your way to achieving your goals.


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